A Storm is Coming

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Today I had my first game of Games Workshops new Storm of Magic expansion for Warhammer. The objective of the expansion scenario is to control more arcane fulcrums than your opponent, and to do this the expansion allows you to spend 25% of the points of your army on monsters and bigger and better magic items, it also allows catacylsmic spells.

For the list I used 1600 points of High Elves with 390 points spent on a great dragon, the opponent had Daemons supported by a Chimera and a Dark Emissary.

This was the view of the battle field from my opponents table edge. from left to right of my units are The archmage in an arcane fulcrum, 24 Lothern Sea Guard with a Battle Standard Bearer, 14 Swordmasters, 24 Lothern Sea Guard, A mage on an other arcane fulcrum and Finally a Great Dragon.

This is a close up of my left flank including the Dragon.

In the first turn not a lot really happened, a lot of high power magic spells were flying around but they were always (only just) dispelled. The High Elves have a cataclysm spell that allows you to nulify an arcane fulcrum whilst the spell remains in play, sadly i never managed to get it through in the entire game.

The seaguard shot at both units of horrors, twice thanks to the Time Amok cataclysm spell.

In the second turn the Flesh Hounds and Chimera charged the unit of Sea Guard, The Sea Guard concentrated on killing the Flesh Hounds in the hope of beat the Chimera.

Which they did, forcing it to flee. It rallied at the end of the next turn only to be shot to pieces.

On my right the Archmage was defending his arcane fulcrum against the Fiends of Slaanesh. Unfortunately for the fiends, combat resolution in an building or on an arcane fulcrum only counts wounds, and the combination of the Archmages magic items meant the Fiends couldn’t wound him and they were tied up there for the rest of the battle.

In the centre of the battlefield the second unit of Sea Guard and the Swordmasters engaged the Plaguebearers. The Seaguard only killed 1 but the Swordmasters killed , the daemons lost another 12 due to instability, they were wiped out completely the next turn.

On the other flank the dragon charged the Herald of Slaanesh defending the fulcrum but fluffed its attacks and was in return charged by the Flamers.

The next turn was the last turn and very eventful, the Dragon killed the Herald of Slaanesh finally giving me dominance of the fulcrums and putting me into a game winning situation. My wizard tried to kill the approaching Dark Emissary with magic and we got the first miscast of the game, which was surprising wit hthe amount of dice we were throwing around. The miscast killed the wizard and turned all the others into frogs (which is how the one who couldn’t be hurt was finally killed).

At the end of the game no wizards were holding fulcrums so it went to victory points, which I won convincingly.

I thought it was a great game and certainly look forward to have more of them.


Aeronautica Imperialis

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I’ve not took the camera with me for my latest games, I have started a mini Aeronautica campaign with my friend Neil. We have a 400 point roster each (Tau for me, Imperials for him) and the first to 6 campaign points wins, 1 CP for a win, 2 if you score more than double your opponents score.

So far we have played 2 games, each is determined randomly using the scenario tables in the Aeronautica book.

The first was the Tau attacking an Imperial tank train, I took 3 Barracudas with additional weapon loads and a Tiger Shark AX-10, Neil had 2 Thunderbolts and 2 lightnings. I lost 1 of the Barracudas and the AX-10 but managed to destroy enough of the ground targets for victory. I decided to concentrate on those as they didn’t move.

The second game was a Tau troop insertion. I took 2 Tiger Sharks and 3 Barracudas, again against 2 thunderbolts and 2 lightings but also a flak cannon. I managed to drop of the troops and 1 tiger shark disengaged, smoking but survived the other was destroyed before it escaped. This time I managed to take out one of the thunderbolts and damaged the other.

There are no pics from these games sadly so instead i have uploaded some random ones from some of our early practice games.

Russian Blitzkrieg

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Last nights game was a Russian tank assault against a prepared German trench system. The Russians had 30 tanks, a mix of T34s and IS-IIs with infantry support, The Germans had 2 Nashorns, a sturmtiger and 2 platoons of infantry supported by mortars, heavy machine guns and panzerfausts.

The board being used was 12*6 with the russians coming in on the left hand edge on the above picture. The Russians had a volley of katyusha rocket fire before their forces came on, they fired into an empty region so no casualties.

The Russian tanks start their advance, the green piences of paper you can see on the board are minefields, 3 are live and 3 are dummies. I knew which were which but the Russians did not.

The Russians contiune to advance, you can now see the sturmtiger on the left hand side of the factory. It had D6 worth of shells to start the game and and a runner to get more ammo from the second, slightly further back factory.

The nashhorns on the righttook out one tank and damaged another but the Russians continued their assault, i’ll admit by this stage I was getting worried.

Support came to the left flank in the form of a Junkers JU-88, it fired its cannons at one tank, damaging it before flying off. Due to the speed of aircraft and the scale of the game you ony get one shot.

The Russians started to overun the German right flank, the minefields at this side were duds as this area was defended. The panzerfausts and infantry in the trenches opened up on the infantry and tanks reducing the infantry down a lot and taking out a couple of tanks before being killed.

The Nashorns on the hill defending the right hand flank had also been killed by this point.

The Junkers came back on for a second shot, this time down the right flanks where it took out a T34 with a rear shot.

The Russians advanced trhough the minefield on the left hand flank unscathed due to luckily having a roller tank employed on that flank. The entrenched infantry and the deployed antitank gun had been damaging the tanks but the dice were just not playing well tonight for destroying them. The sturmtiger at the left of the factory had been destroyed by this point.

At the end of the game the German reinforcements of 9 King Tigers came on, it was certainly a tough game but somehow I did manage to hold of the Russian advance.


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Been getting into a new game at the moment, Aeronautica. Its basically dogfighting in the 40k universe. Simple rules but tactically challenging, the best type of game.

So I bought myself 4 Tau Barracudas as the start of my air caste (the guy who will be my regular opponent already has Imperials and Orks) and tried to decide on a paint scheme. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I used google for inspiration and found a blue and orange colour scheme. I really liked this as it reminds me of the Gulf GT40, one of my favourite racing cars. So I decided to ‘borrow’ the scheme and this is the result. Space wolf Grey and Blazing Orange were used for those interested.

Street Fighting Man

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A game from a couple of weeks ago that i’m only just getting around to writing was a late war Russian vs German street fight. No objective in this game just eliminate the opponent. The fact that it was a few weeks ago means this won’t be the most comprehensive of battle reports.

The scene for the battle was a ruined German town with a giant tank factory taking up the centre. The factory hand trenches and mouse holes for the infantry to manouever through.

The Germans that came on the left hand side consisted of a platoon of infantrysupported by two flampanzer III’s.In the centre a Sturmtiger supported by 2 infantry platoons and on the right 2 King Tigers.

The first King tiger had only just appeared on the board when an Russian IS.III came on on the other side. Dice were rolled to see who got the jump and the advantage went to the Russians. The IS.III took a shot, and destroyed the King Tiger in one shot.

The Russians advance down their right/the German left. They advanced into the path of the Sturmtiger and the Flampanzers. The Sturmtiger shot at one platoon and killed 10, the Flampanzer then shot at the second platoon, another 10 died as a result.

The Germans gained re-inforcements in the shape of 3 Panthers which stormed into the factory.

At the end of the game no-one had succeeded in eliminating the other but the Germans were on the back foot. All in all a good game, street fighting is certainly tougher than a normal open battlefield.

Three times the fun

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Last nights game was a 3 way game of Malifaux. As it was Mike’s first go we decided not to use strategies and schemes and just went for a free-for-all slaughter. The battle mainly used starter box sets with Mike using Pandora, Ove using Sonia Criid and myself using the Dreamer but with 2 daydreams added. Everyone had 25SS.

For the board we used a nice simple village layout. Deployment was done in a triangular layout with Pandora taking the middle of the left edge, the Dreamer at the bottom right corner and Sonia Criid in the top right corner.

In the first turn everyone advanced towards the village houses. The dreamer took cover under a tree with a daydream, fully utilising his ‘shadowy form’ special rule which means he can’t be targeted if within 3 inches of a nightmare.

Sonia’s crew were the first to reach the village where they quickly started picking off Pandora and her crew.

Pandora was targetted by Sonia’s crew and was killed (i’m afraid I was getting pics of the other games so missed who killed her) but when she went she went with a chain of blasts that also took out the sorrows.

Samuel hopkins took out Baby Kade so all that Mike had left in his Pandora crew was Candy.

With Pandora basically out of the game I decided to focus on Ove’s Sonia Criid crew. One of the Daydreams sacrificed itselft to bring out Coppelius, who then promptly plucked out the eyes of the nearest Wytchling Stalker killing it in the process.

Sonia Then shot Coppelius and summoning another Wytchling Stalker, killing him but inflicting 4 wounds onto herself.

The dreamer summoned Lord Chompy Bits who proceeded to munch his way through another Wytchling Stalker.

Candy decided to join in and tried to get Samuel Hopkins to beat himself with his own weapon but sadly failed. The stitched togethers were then summoned by the Dreamer and they gambled his life away. First time that ability has worked in a game, and this game it worked very well.

The second stitched then gambled the life of the already weakened Sonia and, due to Ove’s poor cheating hand, killed her off. That just left Candy and a Wytchling Stalker between me and complete victory.

Candy used the self loathing ability again and killed the final Wytchling Stalker with 2 severe damages.

Final attack of the game was Lord Chompy Bits swinging at Candy with his 10 inch claws which easily killed her. Dreamer won the game with only the loss of Coppelius.


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There has been a lack of blogs recently as sadly my camera needed repairs, but it is back, just in time for tonights game.

I bought Caradryan now that he has been made in Games Workshops new finecast material. Its a lovely material to work with, very light, crisp lines, and glues together in seconds.

Caradryan is not finished but this is him 8 hours in, think it is possibly my best paint work yet.