World War II – Winter ’44

Tonight at Bedford Gladiators a group of us used the club’s adapted Peter Guilder rules for WWII warfare to play Germans vs Russians in the Winter of ’44. I was on the German side for the battle (it felt appropriate having lived in Germany for 6 years when I was younger.)

The Germans were defending an armoured train which was also providing artillery support the russians were attempting to capture it.  The white balance is sadly awful in the following pics but hopefully they will give you an idea of the game.

The German armoured train, which also provided artillery support in the form of a 105mm and 150mm mortar.

The Russians advance on the German anti tank gun.

The German Nashorns, the stars of the game in my opinion.

It was a fantastic game, a Nashorn destroyed one of the Russian tanks on turn 1 bursting it into flames which caused a bit of a road block. THe Russians did manage to advance down one flank but were slowed by 1 very resilient German infantryman who refused to flee or die despite the rest of is unit being shot and over run by tanks.

In the end a solid German victory with two fantastical(ly lucky) shots across the width of the battle field destroying 2 more russian tanks. They certainly earned their Schnapps that night.


~ by themidnightpainter on January 18, 2011.

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