Bridge Over the (tribute to the) River Rhine

Another Monday and another game of Peter Guilder World War II. This time a rag-tag group of German’s and a lot of German armoured cars were trying to take the bridge and village controlled by the British paratroopers. For those who know their history it was situation roughly based on Paul Granber’s SS  armoured reconnaissance from the 9th Panzer Division at Arnhem.

The rag-tag Germans (including gratuitous horse and cart) advance on the town, sadly the flammpanzer is already a burning wreck at this point.

The german armoured cars advance along the bridge under the cover (just out of pic) of a lot of smoke.

Sadly the smoke was not enough and the front to armoured cars are destroyed, blocking the bridge and basically ending the assault. A good game, with what i hope was a sound plan sadly  scuppered by some poor dice rolling. oh well these things happen. Bring on next week and the temperate spring ’45 Russia scenario.


~ by themidnightpainter on January 25, 2011.

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