25SS Neverborn

Well it’s finished and ready to rock and roll for my first official game on Sunday. The opponent will most likely be a Lilith or Rasputina crew as it’s an intro game for me and my friend that is  being ran by the local henchman.

The list consists of the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits (got to love that name), 2 Daydreams, 2 Stitched Together and Teddy. Lets see if I can get to grips with how it plays quickly.


~ by themidnightpainter on February 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “25SS Neverborn”

  1. An entire painted army! Coo! Grey clouds, dyed cotton wool maybe, might be a nice dreamlike base theme.

    Are you going to be playing with Dave?

  2. hi…i stumbled upon this while looking up Malifaux bits and pieces..love the paint jobs,very nice! ive got a few pics up on my blog, also small world…i live near bedford lol

    • Hi, thanks for the compliments on the paint jobs always nice to receive them.

      If your looking for games check out the gladiators site and come down one Monday, there are a couple of us who play.

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