Malifaux – Dreamer vs Criid

Last week I had my first proper game of Malifaux, it was a 25SS game with my Neverborn Dreamer crew taking on a Sonya Criid crew.

My list was:
2x Daydream
2x Stitched Together

My opponent was using the Sonya Criid starter box set. As we both haven’t played many games between us we played just a simple slaughter strategy with no schemes.

Deployment was corner to corner, for the purposes of the photos i had the bottom left and my opponent had the top right. I started by just deploying the dreamer and his 2 daydreams. I won the intiative on turn 1 and flew the dreamer and his daydream companion up the left hand sided covered by the build whilst the second daydream floated out to cover more of the middle of the table.

Sonya and her crew advanced toward the top centre of the board and ended turn 1.

In turn 2 Samuel Hopkins moved more in to the open which was not a good move for him, The Dreamer flew up the side, and turned into Lord Chompy Bits.

After a melee strike which managed to get a straight damage flip cheated to a red joker (severe damage plus another damage flip) and a moderate and a trigger of onslaught which allows another melee attack Hopkins was no more. Chompy even managed another onslaught trigger and still had melee expert too!

Sonya and 2 Wytchling Stalkers moved behind the house approaching the middle as the 3rd Stalker coverd the top edge.

The companioned Daydream summoned Coppelius before being shot by a Stalker . When the day dream died he was replaced by one of the Stitched Together. Coppelius plucked both eyes out hte Stlaker before killing him, Sonia and the 3rd stalker managed to take out the stitched.

On the last turn Sonya finally got the intiative and killed the Dreamer, who prmptly turned into Chompy and killed another Stalker. The daydream was sacrificed and became the final stitched together.

At this point, with only 1 Stalker and Sonia remaining and time for the evening running out we called the game, a victory for the Dreamer.


~ by themidnightpainter on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Malifaux – Dreamer vs Criid”

  1. Great shots.

  2. Agreed, that’s some nice setup you’ve got there. Is it club scenery or a personal collection?

    It’s not clear from the way you described it, but do you realise when Chompy killed Samael, he could have used his Melee Expert action first off and then saved his general action point left over to walk away or do something else, rather than being stuck with a ME action and nothing to strike?

    • It was club scenery, the great advantage of the club is I can play with a variety of scenery that I do not have the space to keep at home.

      I realised afterwards that I did Chompies attacks in the wrong ordr and should have done the ME attack before the standard one. This was my first proper game of Malifaux so still learning, but thanks for the advice.

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