Winter War-derland

The first of 2 world war 2 posts that i have been played recently but not reported was a late war winter battle between the German and British forces. The Germans were defending with a Panther, Tiger I, Tiger II, some Marder’s and Infantry. The British forces had quite a few Comet tanks.

The board we played on, the British force was split almost evenly and entered via both roads at the bottom of the board. The Germans were hidden in and around the industrial town.

The British left flank included the experimental Comet Crocodile flame thrower tank (the one pulling the trailer). This tank never saw actual service but Steven has a think for experimental and 1 off vehicles.

And this was the right flank fo the Britsh forces advancing.

Waiting in the woods for the British were a Panther and a Tiger II. I’m glad I wasn’t advancing down that flank!

In the factory nearest the woods on the right hand side an anti tank gun was also poised to stirke. When It fired it revealed its position nicely to the 4 Comet tanks on the left hand side which were in range, it didn’t get to fire a second time.

On the left hand flank I had to deal with the Tiger I and the first wire guided rocket launcher. (sadly i didn’t get a picture of that).

The two flanks of the British force come together and advance on the main ruined factory, in the bottom right of the picture you can the the 3 waiting German Marders.

Although this is a much better picture of them.

The German infantry advance past the burning Crocodile into the factory. This is a great picture for showing the damage counters we use. The red counters indicate the vehicle is destroyed (smoke added if it catches fire), green counters are for light damage (25%) and blue counters are for heavy damage (50%)

The remnants of the german infantry fall back. Technically the Germans didn’t lose as we ran out of time before they were all killed but i think it was safely a British victory. 1 day we’ll finish a game properly.


~ by themidnightpainter on March 27, 2011.

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