Going Coastal

Another collection of photos from a game a few weeks ago. Germany vs Russia this time, with the Germans defending a port.

This is the port and industrial sector the Germans were defending.

And this is the road the Russians would start their advance down.

The Russians start their advance, a T34 is picked off by the German Panzer IV lurking on the hill out of the picture.

Some of the Russians took off to their left to deal with the threat of the Panzer and the mortar team.

Steven gets into the spirit of being a Russian Commander.

I advanced 4 Panzer IIIs and a couple of Marders up my right flank to deal with the advancing Russians, 6 shots later, the threat was neutralized.

With one flank weaked and the main force congested in the town it was looking good for a German victory until…

the Russian reinforcements arrived via the port.

The Germans defending the port put up a brave fight but it looked like they were going to get over run, and with the other force till tied up at the front the Russians were set to win the port. Another good game.


~ by themidnightpainter on April 6, 2011.

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