Painting Update

not updated the painting for a while so hear are the latest pics. First up is the third and final Daydream for the Dreamer Neverborn crew for Malifaux.

I really wanted to do a yellow daydream but i still think he could be better, at some point he’ll probably get stripped and started again.

Next we have the 2 Alps.

I enjoyed painting the alps, didn’t take too long and got a reasonable finish on them.

ANd finally a group shot of them all together, total crew size is now 43SS. Well, actually its 57 as Lelu and Lilitu have been added but aren’t painted yet. I will end the post with some WIP shots of Lelu.

Painting Log:




~ by themidnightpainter on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Painting Update”

  1. I like the colour scheme on the Alps, the skin colour in particular, and from the group shot it really does look like a cohesive group. Lelu’s also looking impressive so far.

    Do you have any plans for the bases? They’re currently the only thing holding the crew back from looking amazing lol.

  2. Niceeee! try adding white to the yellowon your day dream, and dry brush over, maybe some devlin mud first?

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