Battle in the Bocage

Not blogged for a while so here are a few pics of the last game I played. Germans versus British in the bocage of Normandy.

I was playing as the Germans defending the village whilst the British were attacking, and they had a trick up their sleeve.

This is the view from the British point of entry, the village is at the far end.

The British Cromwell tanks advance along the main road, armoured cars and APCs advanced through the fields just out of shot.

The British continue their advance under the cover of smoke. The German Marders had been defending the left flank and had commenced a fighting retreat.

The British then sprung their suprise, air support. This is the first game i’ve played in where we have used planes. Due to the speed of the planes and the scale of the battlefield you only really get one run with them.

The planes fired the rockets and the Panthers and took two out, one of which caught fire.

This was the scene at the end of the evening. The british got near but not near enough to the German occupied village. 2 Jagdpanthers and 3 units of infantry had still not even been discovered so a solid German victory.


~ by themidnightpainter on May 12, 2011.

One Response to “Battle in the Bocage”

  1. Ah a most excellent game!

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