Three times the fun

Last nights game was a 3 way game of Malifaux. As it was Mike’s first go we decided not to use strategies and schemes and just went for a free-for-all slaughter. The battle mainly used starter box sets with Mike using Pandora, Ove using Sonia Criid and myself using the Dreamer but with 2 daydreams added. Everyone had 25SS.

For the board we used a nice simple village layout. Deployment was done in a triangular layout with Pandora taking the middle of the left edge, the Dreamer at the bottom right corner and Sonia Criid in the top right corner.

In the first turn everyone advanced towards the village houses. The dreamer took cover under a tree with a daydream, fully utilising his ‘shadowy form’ special rule which means he can’t be targeted if within 3 inches of a nightmare.

Sonia’s crew were the first to reach the village where they quickly started picking off Pandora and her crew.

Pandora was targetted by Sonia’s crew and was killed (i’m afraid I was getting pics of the other games so missed who killed her) but when she went she went with a chain of blasts that also took out the sorrows.

Samuel hopkins took out Baby Kade so all that Mike had left in his Pandora crew was Candy.

With Pandora basically out of the game I decided to focus on Ove’s Sonia Criid crew. One of the Daydreams sacrificed itselft to bring out Coppelius, who then promptly plucked out the eyes of the nearest Wytchling Stalker killing it in the process.

Sonia Then shot Coppelius and summoning another Wytchling Stalker, killing him but inflicting 4 wounds onto herself.

The dreamer summoned Lord Chompy Bits who proceeded to munch his way through another Wytchling Stalker.

Candy decided to join in and tried to get Samuel Hopkins to beat himself with his own weapon but sadly failed. The stitched togethers were then summoned by the Dreamer and they gambled his life away. First time that ability has worked in a game, and this game it worked very well.

The second stitched then gambled the life of the already weakened Sonia and, due to Ove’s poor cheating hand, killed her off. That just left Candy and a Wytchling Stalker between me and complete victory.

Candy used the self loathing ability again and killed the final Wytchling Stalker with 2 severe damages.

Final attack of the game was Lord Chompy Bits swinging at Candy with his 10 inch claws which easily killed her. Dreamer won the game with only the loss of Coppelius.


~ by themidnightpainter on June 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Three times the fun”

  1. Great report..I thought Mike had played before!..Mike Armstrong had his first Malifaux on Sunday (so there may be another convert!)

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