Street Fighting Man

A game from a couple of weeks ago that i’m only just getting around to writing was a late war Russian vs German street fight. No objective in this game just eliminate the opponent. The fact that it was a few weeks ago means this won’t be the most comprehensive of battle reports.

The scene for the battle was a ruined German town with a giant tank factory taking up the centre. The factory hand trenches and mouse holes for the infantry to manouever through.

The Germans that came on the left hand side consisted of a platoon of infantrysupported by two flampanzer III’s.In the centre a Sturmtiger supported by 2 infantry platoons and on the right 2 King Tigers.

The first King tiger had only just appeared on the board when an Russian IS.III came on on the other side. Dice were rolled to see who got the jump and the advantage went to the Russians. The IS.III took a shot, and destroyed the King Tiger in one shot.

The Russians advance down their right/the German left. They advanced into the path of the Sturmtiger and the Flampanzers. The Sturmtiger shot at one platoon and killed 10, the Flampanzer then shot at the second platoon, another 10 died as a result.

The Germans gained re-inforcements in the shape of 3 Panthers which stormed into the factory.

At the end of the game no-one had succeeded in eliminating the other but the Germans were on the back foot. All in all a good game, street fighting is certainly tougher than a normal open battlefield.


~ by themidnightpainter on July 10, 2011.

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  1. Your toy soldiers get to play on pretty scenery.

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