Russian Blitzkrieg

Last nights game was a Russian tank assault against a prepared German trench system. The Russians had 30 tanks, a mix of T34s and IS-IIs with infantry support, The Germans had 2 Nashorns, a sturmtiger and 2 platoons of infantry supported by mortars, heavy machine guns and panzerfausts.

The board being used was 12*6 with the russians coming in on the left hand edge on the above picture. The Russians had a volley of katyusha rocket fire before their forces came on, they fired into an empty region so no casualties.

The Russian tanks start their advance, the green piences of paper you can see on the board are minefields, 3 are live and 3 are dummies. I knew which were which but the Russians did not.

The Russians contiune to advance, you can now see the sturmtiger on the left hand side of the factory. It had D6 worth of shells to start the game and and a runner to get more ammo from the second, slightly further back factory.

The nashhorns on the righttook out one tank and damaged another but the Russians continued their assault, i’ll admit by this stage I was getting worried.

Support came to the left flank in the form of a Junkers JU-88, it fired its cannons at one tank, damaging it before flying off. Due to the speed of aircraft and the scale of the game you ony get one shot.

The Russians started to overun the German right flank, the minefields at this side were duds as this area was defended. The panzerfausts and infantry in the trenches opened up on the infantry and tanks reducing the infantry down a lot and taking out a couple of tanks before being killed.

The Nashorns on the hill defending the right hand flank had also been killed by this point.

The Junkers came back on for a second shot, this time down the right flanks where it took out a T34 with a rear shot.

The Russians advanced trhough the minefield on the left hand flank unscathed due to luckily having a roller tank employed on that flank. The entrenched infantry and the deployed antitank gun had been damaging the tanks but the dice were just not playing well tonight for destroying them. The sturmtiger at the left of the factory had been destroyed by this point.

At the end of the game the German reinforcements of 9 King Tigers came on, it was certainly a tough game but somehow I did manage to hold of the Russian advance.


~ by themidnightpainter on July 20, 2011.

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  1. And now I know of the Ju 88P variant. Educational!

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