Aeronautica Imperialis

I’ve not took the camera with me for my latest games, I have started a mini Aeronautica campaign with my friend Neil. We have a 400 point roster each (Tau for me, Imperials for him) and the first to 6 campaign points wins, 1 CP for a win, 2 if you score more than double your opponents score.

So far we have played 2 games, each is determined randomly using the scenario tables in the Aeronautica book.

The first was the Tau attacking an Imperial tank train, I took 3 Barracudas with additional weapon loads and a Tiger Shark AX-10, Neil had 2 Thunderbolts and 2 lightnings. I lost 1 of the Barracudas and the AX-10 but managed to destroy enough of the ground targets for victory. I decided to concentrate on those as they didn’t move.

The second game was a Tau troop insertion. I took 2 Tiger Sharks and 3 Barracudas, again against 2 thunderbolts and 2 lightings but also a flak cannon. I managed to drop of the troops and 1 tiger shark disengaged, smoking but survived the other was destroyed before it escaped. This time I managed to take out one of the thunderbolts and damaged the other.

There are no pics from these games sadly so instead i have uploaded some random ones from some of our early practice games.


~ by eturns on August 4, 2011.

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