A Storm is Coming

Today I had my first game of Games Workshops new Storm of Magic expansion for Warhammer. The objective of the expansion scenario is to control more arcane fulcrums than your opponent, and to do this the expansion allows you to spend 25% of the points of your army on monsters and bigger and better magic items, it also allows catacylsmic spells.

For the list I used 1600 points of High Elves with 390 points spent on a great dragon, the opponent had Daemons supported by a Chimera and a Dark Emissary.

This was the view of the battle field from my opponents table edge. from left to right of my units are The archmage in an arcane fulcrum, 24 Lothern Sea Guard with a Battle Standard Bearer, 14 Swordmasters, 24 Lothern Sea Guard, A mage on an other arcane fulcrum and Finally a Great Dragon.

This is a close up of my left flank including the Dragon.

In the first turn not a lot really happened, a lot of high power magic spells were flying around but they were always (only just) dispelled. The High Elves have a cataclysm spell that allows you to nulify an arcane fulcrum whilst the spell remains in play, sadly i never managed to get it through in the entire game.

The seaguard shot at both units of horrors, twice thanks to the Time Amok cataclysm spell.

In the second turn the Flesh Hounds and Chimera charged the unit of Sea Guard, The Sea Guard concentrated on killing the Flesh Hounds in the hope of beat the Chimera.

Which they did, forcing it to flee. It rallied at the end of the next turn only to be shot to pieces.

On my right the Archmage was defending his arcane fulcrum against the Fiends of Slaanesh. Unfortunately for the fiends, combat resolution in an building or on an arcane fulcrum only counts wounds, and the combination of the Archmages magic items meant the Fiends couldn’t wound him and they were tied up there for the rest of the battle.

In the centre of the battlefield the second unit of Sea Guard and the Swordmasters engaged the Plaguebearers. The Seaguard only killed 1 but the Swordmasters killed , the daemons lost another 12 due to instability, they were wiped out completely the next turn.

On the other flank the dragon charged the Herald of Slaanesh defending the fulcrum but fluffed its attacks and was in return charged by the Flamers.

The next turn was the last turn and very eventful, the Dragon killed the Herald of Slaanesh finally giving me dominance of the fulcrums and putting me into a game winning situation. My wizard tried to kill the approaching Dark Emissary with magic and we got the first miscast of the game, which was surprising wit hthe amount of dice we were throwing around. The miscast killed the wizard and turned all the others into frogs (which is how the one who couldn’t be hurt was finally killed).

At the end of the game no wizards were holding fulcrums so it went to victory points, which I won convincingly.

I thought it was a great game and certainly look forward to have more of them.


~ by eturns on August 8, 2011.

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