Battle in the Bocage

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Not blogged for a while so here are a few pics of the last game I played. Germans versus British in the bocage of Normandy.

I was playing as the Germans defending the village whilst the British were attacking, and they had a trick up their sleeve.

This is the view from the British point of entry, the village is at the far end.

The British Cromwell tanks advance along the main road, armoured cars and APCs advanced through the fields just out of shot.

The British continue their advance under the cover of smoke. The German Marders had been defending the left flank and had commenced a fighting retreat.

The British then sprung their suprise, air support. This is the first game i’ve played in where we have used planes. Due to the speed of the planes and the scale of the battlefield you only really get one run with them.

The planes fired the rockets and the Panthers and took two out, one of which caught fire.

This was the scene at the end of the evening. The british got near but not near enough to the German occupied village. 2 Jagdpanthers and 3 units of infantry had still not even been discovered so a solid German victory.


Painting Update

•April 6, 2011 • 2 Comments

not updated the painting for a while so hear are the latest pics. First up is the third and final Daydream for the Dreamer Neverborn crew for Malifaux.

I really wanted to do a yellow daydream but i still think he could be better, at some point he’ll probably get stripped and started again.

Next we have the 2 Alps.

I enjoyed painting the alps, didn’t take too long and got a reasonable finish on them.

ANd finally a group shot of them all together, total crew size is now 43SS. Well, actually its 57 as Lelu and Lilitu have been added but aren’t painted yet. I will end the post with some WIP shots of Lelu.

Painting Log:



Going Coastal

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Another collection of photos from a game a few weeks ago. Germany vs Russia this time, with the Germans defending a port.

This is the port and industrial sector the Germans were defending.

And this is the road the Russians would start their advance down.

The Russians start their advance, a T34 is picked off by the German Panzer IV lurking on the hill out of the picture.

Some of the Russians took off to their left to deal with the threat of the Panzer and the mortar team.

Steven gets into the spirit of being a Russian Commander.

I advanced 4 Panzer IIIs and a couple of Marders up my right flank to deal with the advancing Russians, 6 shots later, the threat was neutralized.

With one flank weaked and the main force congested in the town it was looking good for a German victory until…

the Russian reinforcements arrived via the port.

The Germans defending the port put up a brave fight but it looked like they were going to get over run, and with the other force till tied up at the front the Russians were set to win the port. Another good game.

Winter War-derland

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The first of 2 world war 2 posts that i have been played recently but not reported was a late war winter battle between the German and British forces. The Germans were defending with a Panther, Tiger I, Tiger II, some Marder’s and Infantry. The British forces had quite a few Comet tanks.

The board we played on, the British force was split almost evenly and entered via both roads at the bottom of the board. The Germans were hidden in and around the industrial town.

The British left flank included the experimental Comet Crocodile flame thrower tank (the one pulling the trailer). This tank never saw actual service but Steven has a think for experimental and 1 off vehicles.

And this was the right flank fo the Britsh forces advancing.

Waiting in the woods for the British were a Panther and a Tiger II. I’m glad I wasn’t advancing down that flank!

In the factory nearest the woods on the right hand side an anti tank gun was also poised to stirke. When It fired it revealed its position nicely to the 4 Comet tanks on the left hand side which were in range, it didn’t get to fire a second time.

On the left hand flank I had to deal with the Tiger I and the first wire guided rocket launcher. (sadly i didn’t get a picture of that).

The two flanks of the British force come together and advance on the main ruined factory, in the bottom right of the picture you can the the 3 waiting German Marders.

Although this is a much better picture of them.

The German infantry advance past the burning Crocodile into the factory. This is a great picture for showing the damage counters we use. The red counters indicate the vehicle is destroyed (smoke added if it catches fire), green counters are for light damage (25%) and blue counters are for heavy damage (50%)

The remnants of the german infantry fall back. Technically the Germans didn’t lose as we ran out of time before they were all killed but i think it was safely a British victory. 1 day we’ll finish a game properly.

Malifaux – Dreamer vs Criid

•March 15, 2011 • 3 Comments

Last week I had my first proper game of Malifaux, it was a 25SS game with my Neverborn Dreamer crew taking on a Sonya Criid crew.

My list was:
2x Daydream
2x Stitched Together

My opponent was using the Sonya Criid starter box set. As we both haven’t played many games between us we played just a simple slaughter strategy with no schemes.

Deployment was corner to corner, for the purposes of the photos i had the bottom left and my opponent had the top right. I started by just deploying the dreamer and his 2 daydreams. I won the intiative on turn 1 and flew the dreamer and his daydream companion up the left hand sided covered by the build whilst the second daydream floated out to cover more of the middle of the table.

Sonya and her crew advanced toward the top centre of the board and ended turn 1.

In turn 2 Samuel Hopkins moved more in to the open which was not a good move for him, The Dreamer flew up the side, and turned into Lord Chompy Bits.

After a melee strike which managed to get a straight damage flip cheated to a red joker (severe damage plus another damage flip) and a moderate and a trigger of onslaught which allows another melee attack Hopkins was no more. Chompy even managed another onslaught trigger and still had melee expert too!

Sonya and 2 Wytchling Stalkers moved behind the house approaching the middle as the 3rd Stalker coverd the top edge.

The companioned Daydream summoned Coppelius before being shot by a Stalker . When the day dream died he was replaced by one of the Stitched Together. Coppelius plucked both eyes out hte Stlaker before killing him, Sonia and the 3rd stalker managed to take out the stitched.

On the last turn Sonya finally got the intiative and killed the Dreamer, who prmptly turned into Chompy and killed another Stalker. The daydream was sacrificed and became the final stitched together.

At this point, with only 1 Stalker and Sonia remaining and time for the evening running out we called the game, a victory for the Dreamer.

Alp 1

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The first of the 3 Alps to go with Coppelius is now complete.

2 more to go before I start deciding on the next models to buy.

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If You Go Down to the Woods Today…

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Another group of models painted recently are the White Lions for my High Elf warhammer army.

The white lions are the Elf woodsmen, able to move through with no movement penalties. They have 1 strong attack each with their axes.

All thats left now for the 2k army is 5 reavers which are currently in a WIP status.

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